Worldwide Betting – The countries may change, the games are the same

Roulette reel, slots reels, cards and chips around a laptop

Wherever you are in the world, gambling is gambling, a bet is a bet. From betting your friends in lower school on who was the strongest, which football team was the best, who could run faster, to betting in a casino, willing the ball to roll to a stop on black in roulette, praying the dice roll favorably in Sic Bo or hoping against hope that the dealer doesn’t have an ace with that queen in blackjack. Whether you’re betting for fun or betting for real money, it’s the anticipation, the adrenalin that makes us enjoy betting like we do. Although the idea of betting hasn’t changed in centuries, the online casino world can change considerably depending on what country you are living in. We take a look at a lot of the rules of betting from locations such as South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Know your options, don’t sell yourself short and make sure the casino you are gambling in is legal

Know your options – You have the choice of over a hundred casinos, over 500 casinos in some places, if you look through the first 3 and jump in straight away, you may not find your best casino. Even casinos recommended by friends, just because it’s for them, doesn’t mean it’s for you.

Don’t see yourself short – With so many casinos to choose from, you have to bear in mind that with most of these comes a substantial welcome bonus. These bonuses vary between matched deposit bonuses, enhanced odd bonuses and no deposit bonuses, all will be different amounts and you can start winning before you’ve made any deposit at all.

Check legalities – The last thing you want to do is be playing at an unlicensed casino, or a casino not regulated within your country and then once you win, find out you are not entitled to any of that money. We will tell you how to check that you are gambling in the right place.

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