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Sic Bo (pronounced SEE-BO) is a dice game like no other. The sic game derives from ancient China and now plays across all top casinos. During our article like with many of our guides you will discover links to alternative pages to help you go directly to the source of the action, so, for example, if you’re after live dealer sic bo then we have a link for you to click on to head directly there for more on the subject.

So you will find a small number of these as you make your way around the website.

Helping to bring Sic Bo to new players with info on the Sic Bo rules and providing FREE games to practice on

The Sic Bo table can look quite complicated at first, a mix of specific bets to transfer your wagers into winnings. The best approach is to learn how to play Sic Bo through free games online. These practice table games will allow for error without loss of finance. The end result is, of course, to be gambling as a fully rounded player in live casino Sic Bo games. But first to learn and then transfer the knowledge.

The game is played with three dice, these are shaken in a cage or cup, bets are placed on the table as to the outcome of how the numbers will land. Now there are several ways to place your bets. The total number is found in the centre of the board ranging from 3 to 18. The other various bets include hi and low betting. Found in the corners of the sic table the result carries bets between 4 and10 or 11 and 17. Chances are further increased with the combination bets. Near the bottom of the board, you’ll see the dice pattern to which you can base the combination to be rolled, all bets have the odd score marked so you know your return. The large number of bets continues with results from single and double bets.

You can play the Sic Bo game for fun or you can join an online casino to play for real money winnings

The game is similar to Craps but less complex with the betting formation and like craps it off a number of ways in how to win at Sic Bo. Wins when playing can be offered by the highest odd which is 180/1 this is the triples bet, where you strike either 3 or 18.

With Sic Bo online you have a number of free games to play to familiarise yourself with the layouts and payouts of the game. It’s number one in the sic bo strategy plan, practice and it’s simple as that.

If you search for Sic Bo online through a number of casinos, you’ll notice that this game is a very niche option, not as popular as it should be but we can help you to select an ideal casino which offers sic bo as a regular game and as a live dealer option.

Cracking the Sic Bo probability with free online games by learning a number of Sic Bo strategy options

So even though the sic bo game appears complex it is possible to get the grasp after a few games. There are no variants of the sic bo game, like that of roulette which means once you play one game you’ve played them all. Sicbo is one of those exciting games where the spread of bets and features make the game unique. Today you could be playing your own games that are available through us with selected games on offer that are used by the casinos themselves. These demo games help cut risk down and increase the sum of your profit margins. For more on sic bo played in Canadian casinos you can click the link and enjoy. Alternatively if your after more sic bo strategy for Canadian players then this link will help you for the games available in your country.

For South African players looking to enjoy sic bo then this link will assist you much better.